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About Me

Hi, I’m Alan

You’re here for a reason, and I think I know what that reason is – you need a website!

It’s great that you’ve found me.

I’m a freelance web designer and I specialize in responsive WordPress designs and setups, as well as search engine optimized (SEO) content writing. I also provide website administration, website hosting and other website maintenance projects.

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“What is ‘responsive’ web design?”

Very simply, a responsive design is one that automatically adjusts its appearance based on the size of the display that it’s being viewed upon. This ensures your website will still look great, with all informating being easily accessible, despite it being viewed on a smartphone, for example. Any computer, any device – visitors will still be able to get the information you want to present, with a beautiful and simple design.


“What’s your background?”

I started out back in 1997 as a freelance web designer, and I’ve been doing websites ever since. From about 2000 through to 2013, I was doing it mostly as a hobby, but in 2014 I decided to return to web design on a professional level.

I love web design. It’s a passion of mine, and I can spend hours and hours working on websites without even realizing that the day has passed and it’s time for dinner! I’ve been using WordPress since about 2005, and designing sites with WordPress for most of that time.

If you have any more questions for me, or you’d like to talk to me about your website, make sure you contact me today.