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Web Hosting, Maintenance and Administration Services


Thank you for your interest in my website hosting, maintenance and administration services. You can find relevant information below.

Given my experience and expertise in website hosting, maintenance and administration, I'm confident that I can provide professional quality services to manage your website for you so that you don’t have to.

How much does it cost?

The below packages are for 2 hours, 5 hours or 10 hours worth of services per month. What you choose will depend on how much you would like me to be available for you each month, and what services you'd like me to provide to you. I'm happy to discuss this with you.

How to proceed?

If you'd like any of the below website admin, hosting and maintenance services, get in touch with me to discuss your requirements.

Silver Package

$110 / month

Up 2 hours of services

72 hour turnaround for 'on request' changes

Gold Package

$260 / month

Up 5 hours of services

48 hour turnaround for 'on request' changes

Platinum Package

$490 / month

Up 10 hours of services

24 hour turnaround for 'on request' changes

[Anything urgent will be done asap]

All services mentioned in “What services are included?” (below) will be carried out on a monthly basis as required.

Some of those services will be done within the packaged hours (according to the chosen package), while any services done outside of the packaged hours (if any) will be invoiced to you at $60 per hour.

* A package can be upgraded or downgraded without cost.
* The provision of services can be cancelled with one month’s notice.

What services are included?

Where relevant to your own website requirements, the following hosting, maintenance and administration services are included:

Initial startup services

* Manage the setup and ongoing administration of your website hosting
* Ensure your website’s access speed is enhanced with a content delivery network (CDN)

'Always on' services

* Monitoring of your website’s online availability (immediately alerted of any outages)
* Manage all technical support issues associated with your website’s online availability
* Administration of your website’s theme and plugins, to ensure they’re always up to date
* Ensure your website and your data stays secure from online attacks or intrusion
* Regular backups of your website content and database

Note: these services are part of your website hosting package.

'On request' services

The following services are available at any time upon request:

* Website Administration
-- Add updates to content (i.e. new photos or text, or edits of current content)
-- Add new content (e.g. new images, pages or blog posts, content provided by you)
-- Maintain and update your site’s SEO to keep it fresh
-- Testing after every change

* Graphic design
-- New designs (or changes) of logos, header and footer images
-- Other graphic design as required

Why use Alan Howard?

* You get a web expert at your fingertips whenever you need one
* Fast turnaround for change requests, usually within 24 hours
* Cost effective – fresh and updated websites will help you stay relevant and make money
* Detail and quality oriented – I’m a perfectionist, so I make sure you get the best results
* Peace of mind - you look after your business, I’ll look after your website so you don’t have to
* Efficient and fast – you’ll get more from me in a shorter time than from someone else who doesn’t have the experience and knowledge that I have
* Personal service - you’ll be talking to me when you call or email. I speak English, I ask intelligent questions, and I do your job fast
* Experience and maturity – I’ve been managing websites for over a decade, and using cPanel to manage WordPress websites for over 6 years